Hi! I'm Tom. I currently live in Cambridge, MA and help support voice search on Android Wear.

I used to live in Seattle where I became an avid bow-tie enthusiast, heavy coffee drinker, and took a liking to strong mixed drinks.

Some people tell me that I am working on too many side projects but I just think that they aren't working on enough of their own. I've been most recently working on robolectric.

Music is pretty great. Open office spaces and the subway encourage me to listen to more music than I used to. I've listened to 13 songs today.

This week, I've checked into 9 places. The plurality of them have been gastropubs.

Most of the time, I receive way more email than I send. This seems to be especially true on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays.

I usually try to walk as much as I can. Some days I'm better than others.

Inspired by Buster Benson, I've been taking a photo of exactly what I'm doing every night at 8:36pm.

Chill night with Ellen, Wine, and TV.

Feel free to contact me via email, twitter, facebook, spotify, or linkedin.

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