Hi! I'm Tom. I currently live in Brooklyn, NY and help build data analytics tools for Spotify.

I used to live in Seattle where I became an avid bow-tie enthusiast, heavy coffee drinker, and took a liking to strong mixed drinks.

Some people tell me that I am working on too many side projects but I just think that they aren't working on enough of their own. I've been most recently working on html-file-cov.

Music is pretty great. Open office spaces and the subway encourage me to listen to more music than I used to. Although, I haven't listened to anything yet today...

This week, I've checked into 8 places. The plurality of them have been residential buildings (apartments / condos).

Most of the time, I receive way more email than I send. This seems to be especially true on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays.

I usually try to walk as much as I can. Some days I'm better than others. Today, I've walked 0.97 miles so far.

Inspired by Buster Benson, I've been taking a photo of exactly what I'm doing every night at 8:36pm.

Chill night with Ellen, Wine, and TV.

Feel free to contact me via email, twitter, facebook, spotify, or linkedin.

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